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Prince of Swine
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"At the IndieFest we think filmmakers have the right to make films that challenge assumptions, whether politically correct or not. Prince of Swine won our Award of Merit Based on high quality storytelling and superior filmmaking craft."
- Thomas Baker, Competition Coordinator,
The Indie Fest.

"[An] ode to our basest instincts . . . happily orgasming . . .
a warped viewpoint."
- NY Times

"Reading about the film and all of the controversy surrounding it, you would think it’s
basically a comedic [porn] film . . . .
This movie is so much more than that."
- Movies Made Me Do It

"Piggish Hollywood Put On Trial in Exhibit A
Prince of Swine." - The Village Voice

"Toma has a good film on his hands . . . easily captures the vibe of what it’s like to be a girl in this town, especially a girl who wants to be famous by any means necessary."
- Ebony March, Campus Circle.

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